Role of Veru

VERUs act as Regional Training Centres with a primary task to deliver trainings on animal specific issues related to disaster management for the veterinary students, para veterinarians, farmers, communities and other stakeholders. The efforts of VERU not only support in identifying and creating the expertise in this emerging field but also contribute immensely to build the capacities of the state to deal in the event of a future catastrophe. VERU brings significant value addition within the veterinary fraternity for effectively building the resiliency of the vulnerable communities in the states.

There are six VERUs established in India, viz.,Palampur, Chennai, Bihar, Guwahati, Anand and Jabalpur for North, South, East, Northeast, West and Central regions of the Indian Subcontinent in coordination with the respective veterinary colleges, NDMA and World Animal Protection.


Block course

VERU regularly organise a block course on veterinary emergency response operations every year.  The block course on veterinary emergency response operations aim “to provide VERU Students with the essential knowledge and skills required to deliver animal welfare disaster response operations in India effectively and safely”.

The key objectives of the block course are as follows :

  • Assist with emergency veterinary response
  • Effective stabilisation of animal populations
  • Support communities in risk reduction
  • Promote awareness of animal welfare

The block course has the following three components namely knowledge based Training of students on veterinary emergency response during disaster, Imparting skill activities and conduct of Simulation exercises/mock drills.